We know  that in an age of abundant choice and speed of innovation, customers' expectations are moving faster than businesses.

Once every two weeks, the members of Cridge get togher to share creative insights in various fields. We call it the Creative & Experience Club (CEC) to share knowledge and experiences with each other through conversations on various topics while drinking coffee. We have a rewarding system of giving small gifts to members who think outside the box, see the world in a broader sense, and share inspiring insights at the end of the CEC session.

Cridge conducts numerous global project meetings, workshops, seminars, trend research, and global market analysis around the world.

Through this engagement, we continue what we call 'creation for change' and endeavors to become a company that has a healthy impact on society and the environment, and a unique and vibrant brand. The trust we have built through our advisors in each country is our asset and our strategy. We will move forward for a lasting relationship and vision.

Cridge has a clear social vision of 'environmental, social and governance' achieved through the company and brand services that help solve social-related problems in society and the world. In the future, we will continue to research and find out how to combine the social challenges of the company and the brand. We call this combination a future-oriented branding.