our company

We know that customers’ expectations are changing faster than companies in an era of wide choices and speed of innovation.We are a creative company that puts people at the center of everything we do. We work with both 

companies and consumers in an atmosphere of honesty and truth and learn together without prejudices. This approach allows people to get closer to client companies’ businesses, take care of them, and move forward in a wiser and more courageous way. Because great things become great only when they get results.

our purpose

Cridge plays a creative role in creating changes such as changing and improving client companies’ images through company brand consulting and company research consulting. In particular, Cridge implement external brand image renewal and consulting projects that lead to changes in the internal image (executives and employees) to increase the value of client companies invested by private equity funds.

our strengths

Cridge is a creative thinker that spends time and effort on defining new brands from the beginning, challenging existence, and helping client companies build more relationships with their customers.

We have been very clear about providing client companies with 'strategic brand and insight'. These insights help our client companies achieve success and guide them to continue managing brands and growth. Cridge calls this positive brand effect a 'sustainable brand'. As you can see, Cridge guides client companies to accelerate business growth and strives to have brand insight to help them continue into the future

our service

Cridge is a specialist in a company/brand consulting project execution and advertising with extensive expertise in creativity, design, brand strategy, research consulting and analysis, communication/media strategy, production (digital, broadcasting, print, and experience), etc.

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